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Confetti cannons - make your party go with a bang!

Whatever the occasion, confetti cannons are a sure-fire way to inject a WOW moment into any celebration.

No wedding is complete without confetti and’s cannons are the perfect way to take the effect to the next level, shooting a stunning cascade of colour co-ordinated confetti over the bride, groom and guests, to include everyone in the fun.

To accompany the excitement of being surrounded by a swirling cloud of colour, you get a fantastic photo opportunity that really captures the emotion of the moment.

But weddings are not the only time to reach for a confetti cannon. There are anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, sports awards, theatre shows and opening ceremonies - in fact, any time you have something to shout about! have a range of options to suit any venue, indoors or out. All their cannons can be custom filled to your requirements from a wide range of colours: Custom Tissue Confetti Cannons, Custom Metallic Confetti Cannons and Custom Shape Confetti Cannons,with a selection of hearts, petals and butterflies.

For sensitive outdoor venues, they also have their exclusive range of BioFetti Cannons that shoot biodegradable confetti that will start to dissolve in the first rain.

So now’s the time to send those invites out, order your confetti cannons and Let’s Get The Party Started!

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